[e2e] Simulator for wireless network

U.Shanker uma.shanker at kcl.ac.uk
Mon Apr 16 02:14:09 PDT 2007

Detlef Bosau wrote:
> I even don´t know whether the source code for the Opnet modeler is 
> available. The NS2 code is, and so I can see what I´m doing.
But you can not expect to have source code of every-thing we use. I 
think, some kind of black-box(es) in the whole environment is better to 
have. This is to hide the complexity. Generally not every had a skill 
and knowledge to understand the whole system. In telecommunication from 
physical layer to application layer, it really hard to find people with 
all the skills(of all the layers). So, if I am just a Transport layer 
person, then its better to have a good (well recognized) black-box with 
standard APIs for other layers, then just the source code of the 
physical layer. So, as even if the source code is available for physical 
layer, for me its useless.

Just to make it short, most of the problems in this world are solved by 
abstracting(the other parts) and not by going in details to the whole 

> And BTW: I´m absolutely not convinced of actually availalbe RLP / 
> mobile network simulators for the NS2, perhaps I don´t know all of them.
> Of course, this is due to the questions I´m actually trying to find an 
> answer to. So, I have to write my own simulator classes. Of course, 
> it´s always a concern that no one will believe my results produced 
> with this classes, this matches Craig´s experiences. The only thing I 
> can do is to make the classes available to the public and to request 
> comments on this code.
I think, this is also a kind of abstraction for your RLP work. 

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