[e2e] Sigcomm Workshops (Deadlines kinda soon...)

Paul Francis francis at cs.cornell.edu
Sun Feb 18 08:18:40 PST 2007


We would like to draw your attention to the workshops being hosted by Sigcomm
07 this year, to be held August 27 and 31 in Kyoto Japan

Submission deadlines vary, but at least one of them is as early as March 27.

The workshops are:

(W1)  Mobility in the Evolving Internet Architecture (MobiArch)
(W2) 	Large Scale Attack Defense (LSAD)
(W3) 	Networked Systems for Developing Regions (NSDR)
(W4) 	Internet Network Management 2007 (INM)
(W5) 	Peer-to-Peer Streaming and IPTV Systems (P2P-TV)
(W6) 	IPv6 and the Future of the Internet (IPv6)

All of these are refereed and have published proceedings.  They are a great
opportunity to get early work published and noticed, to attend Sigcomm, and
to enjoy the beautiful city of Kyoto.

Paul Francis
Hiroshi Esaki
Sigcomm 2007 Workshop Chairs

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