[e2e] Are we doing sliding window in the Internet?

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Good luck, but realize that "linux" is not a monolithic group like BSD was. There are many variations on the theme - some very responsive (and well-backed) and others running more hand-to-mouth. Once the genie is out of the bottle, expect a long relaxation time wrt issues in implementation.

Joe is right in his annoyance at the lack of testing and communication given the widespread deployment of linux and windows. It is irresponsible to put out a poorly thought networking change that could potentially and unwittingly cause severe congestion and unfairness. 

But it has been clear for at least a decade that the slower implement / test / prove / deploy cycle no longer is acceptable - not just because it is too slow or costly but because any delay in the release of any code, worthy or not, makes the releaser look like he's bogarting on the rest of the open source community. 

The days where IETF RFCs and tested releases were done by many of the same people are long gone. If it's important enough, perhaps it's time to take on the responsibility for correctness of operating systems and networking implementations within an accredited organization and certify such. 

But if it's not worth the time and effort for the academic side to take on this charge, the marketplace will have to serve instead. 

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> Finally, let me say that I agree with Ian that the best way to fix this
> issue now is to post to the Linux lists, which I will proceed to do.
> I sincerely hope that Linux users on this list will track this and other
> IETF lists for such issues, and bring concerns to the Linux group
> themselves, rather than expecting "other" list members to do so.
> We *each* fix our own systems (and we're not all Linux users), and this
> is (one of) the common place(s) we figure that all out.
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