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Jon Crowcroft Jon.Crowcroft at cl.cam.ac.uk
Wed Jan 10 06:01:04 PST 2007

In missive <1168434876.4840.256.camel at localhost>, Jim Gettys typed:

 >>Doing such work outside the context of a current system invalidates the
 >>results as you cannot inter compare the results you get with any sort of
 >>"control".  This is the basis of doing experimental science.  Giving me
 >>results that some "improvement" helps Linux 2.4.24, when current Linux
 >>is 2.6.19, or whatever, essentially invalidates the result, due to the
 >>extensive changes between versions.
aside from also accidentally being useful as well:-)

the idea of science is a bit like the idea of open source - so it isn't
surprising that computer systems science flourishes in an open source manner- if
other people can look at your experimental equipment, as well as your data
and can affordably re-run your experiment in the same, similar or other
circumstances, the validity of the work, and the rate of expansion of human
knowledge, are both enhanced

when people do clinical drug trial papers, they are required by many medical
journal publishers to place the data in escrow so that 3 independant reviewers can 
check the data is being analyzed right - patents mean that the drugs themselves
are publically checkable - often published funding requires the results are published
(suitably anonymised) completely...as with the genome project

 >>One Laptop Per Child
why not one iphone per person ?:-)

by the way, do you take the laptops back when they rich 18 (or 16, or 21, or
whatever the gnu age of majority is :-)



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