[e2e] A simple scenario. (Basically the reason for the sliding window thread ; -))

Agarwal, Anil Anil.Agarwal at viasat.com
Wed Jan 10 20:08:06 PST 2007

Joe Touch wrote -
>> Well, it´s just how I understand the semantics of a "CLOSE ACK". When a
>> receiver issues a CLOSE ACK, we know that all data has reached the
>> receiving socket.

> We should know that. But when we have intermidiates spoofing ACKs, all
> we know is that the two endpoints agree that they have closed. The data
> itself is not known.

> Case in point - if the intermediary ACKs data and continues to buffer
> it, and the window wraps, and then the intermediary goes down, the
> endpoints think the data reached the buffer correctly but it really did not.

Are you describing a scenario where a TCP-Splitter buffers up 2^32 bytes of sender 
data without delivering any to the receive end-point, then goes down, and 
the end-points continue the connection using the wrapped
sequence number, which in this case match up just right, so that the intervening
2^32 bytes disappear down a black hole, without the sender or receive 
being any wiser?
Anil Agarwal
ViaSat Inc.
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