[e2e] Opportunistic Scheduling.

Detlef Bosau detlef.bosau at web.de
Mon Jul 2 11:16:14 PDT 2007

ksingh at irisa.fr wrote:
> Just a small comment that most of the time I read it was for downlink.
> (for sure now they are proposing it for uplink)

Up to now, I only read papers were the direction is not specified or I 
read papers which refer to the downlink.

Basically, the problem is to not mix up media access and scheduling. In 
downlink direction there is only one sender which serves all terminals. 
Hence, we have a pure scheduling problem in this case.

If we did OS in both directions, we would employ an OS like scheme for 
the uplink media access. The key problem here would be to provide BS 
with propper channel state information. In the system model I refer to 
the uplink channels are dedicated and it is hence no problem to send one 
DRC (data rate control) message to BS per timeslot and channel.
> There is a series of papers by Hosein. You may find some hints in the
> "initial" derivations done in the paper. I hope that I am giving the
> reference to the correct one below.
> The key is to assume user utility U(r) = log(r) that comes from kelly's work.

Hm. The question is, whether this "formula mapping" really suffices to 
keep/apply Kelly´s rationale.

 From what I read so far, OS follows one objective, Kelly has an 
obective as well, and whether both objectives are the same is not clear 
to me.
But I will have a careful look at these papers.


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