[e2e] Ressource Fairness or Througput Fairness, was Re: Opportunistic Scheduling.

Jon Crowcroft Jon.Crowcroft at cl.cam.ac.uk
Mon Jul 23 22:27:01 PDT 2007

there is now a burgeoning body of literature with results on
network coding, and on generalized packet swarming techniques that show
that if you want to build a data network for today's dominant
traffic sources, then you can do very well without any complex resource
allocation in the sense of admission control, scheduling, OR routing, and just
rely on the codes to do the right thing

such a network depends on packets, not circuits, fundamentally, but is very
different from today's internet (as different as IP is from, say, ISDN)

however, right now, it is totally unobvious how such a network would carry
a phone call:)

its also not at all obvious what an "end" is in such a network, so there's no
point in discussing it on this list...

In missive <20070723173420.4E058872D1 at mercury.lcs.mit.edu>, Noel Chiappa typed:

 >>Now this raises another interesting point (although not the one you were
 >>making, which I think I have answered above); which is that circuit switching
 >>is potentially inherently better for transmission systems which have high


in a wireless network, BER is probably not a terribly good metric for quality -
actually the idea of a "link" is not terribly helpful either, which kind of makes
the idea of a "hop" fairly redundant, which makes e2e v. hbh a sort of
angels on the head of a pin type irrelevance too

such fun


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