[e2e] Invitation to join new unofficial IETF mailing list: re-ECN

Bob Briscoe rbriscoe at jungle.bt.co.uk
Thu Jun 7 03:58:10 PDT 2007


You are invited to subscribe to a new unofficial IETF mailing list on 
re-ECN via <https://www1.ietf.org/mailman/listinfo/re-ecn>

Re-ECN is proposed as an extension to explicit congestion notification 
(ECN) intended to enable enforcement of fairness for congestion control & 
QoS including mitigation of DDoS and prevention of cheating between both 
networks & users.

Why has this list been created?:
At the last IETF in Prague, about 30-40 people got together at an 
unofficial BoF (Birds of a Feather) to hear about the architectural intent 
of re-ECN and to discuss how to move forward.

It was decided to take an ad hoc approach initially, somewhat along the 
lines of how HIP got started. If a community hangs together around this 
work, then it may form an IRTF or IETF working group.

The room was unanimous that re-ECN addresses a problem that is interesting, 
and about 75% were interested in using it, if it was implemented. Half a 
dozen people expressed interest in implementing the protocol. Full notes, 
transcript & slides as well as background papers are at:

If interested in discussion of design and implementation of the re-ECN 
protocol, pls subscribe via the link at the start.

Re-ECN is not an official working group of the IETF or IRTF. But the IETF 
has agreed to host the list to create a community around this work who may 
wish to bring it forward for standardisation. As such, if you subscribe, 
you will be asked to note well the normal IETF rules.

This invitation will only be sent to relevant lists once. But apologies if 
you are on more than one of these lists.



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