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Lachlan Andrew lachlan.andrew at gmail.com
Fri May 4 12:59:51 PDT 2007

On 04/05/07, David P. Reed <dpreed at reed.com> wrote:
> Nothing magic about MIMO in this regard.
> Lachlan Andrew wrote:
> >
> > Thermal noise in the radio frount-end...
> I agree, but thermal noise in the radio front-end is a controllable of
> the radio design of the front-end - it's not a limit on capacity that
> depends either on the number of radios or on the environment in which
> the radios operate.

True, but if we ignore noise that is independent between receivers, I
doubt that  N  (and hence  S)  would be big enough to do much
cooking-with-narrowband.  However, I don't have figures, and would be
happy to be proved wrong :)

As an aside, it would be interesting to see if there are further
physical limits imposed by the need to have super-cooled receivers
near our hot transmitters; could the shielding intrinsically interfere
with the radiation patters or something?  Maxwell's daemon comes to

> > ... if we have a single receiver.  That is why David Tse's work is all
> > MIMO.
>   Simple division has nothing to do with MIMO.

*grin* Oops.  I wasn't thinking...


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