[e2e] It's all my fault

Tom Vest tvest at pch.net
Fri May 18 02:57:44 PDT 2007

On May 17, 2007, at 11:53 PM, Bob Braden wrote:

> This thread has contained an awful lot of silliness, ignorance,  
> mythology,
> and polemic.  Let's move on to something more constructive.
> Bob Braden

There seems to be growing belief, if not consensus, that economics  
and institutional rules matter, i.e., they determine what problems  
can be solved, through what means, by who, over what time horizon,  
etc. Given the apparent fact that more constructive, purely technical  
discussions have yet to produce solutions to quite a few pressing  
problems, I would personally rather see this thread get purged of the  
silliness, ignorance, etc. through discussion rather than merely  
getting dropped.


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