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Thu May 17 20:00:16 PDT 2007

Greetings Rick,

On 17/05/07, rick jones <perfgeek at mac.com> wrote:
> > Perhaps a compromise would be to reduce the number of intermediate
> > hops that can be specified from 40 to say 2.  That reduces the
> > "traffic multiplier" available for DoS, but allows users to select
> > between a handful of paths.  Two or three paths is enough diversity to
> > get a "pretty good" route if the default BGP route is temporarily
> > congested.
> I'll ask a naive question from the peanut gallery - I take that
> checking the source routes for duplicate IP's is insufficient to deal
> with the proposed problem?

That's right.  Consider two networks connected by a single link.  As
long as alternate IP addresses are on either side of that link, there
is a DoS on the routers on that link.  They don't have to be identical
IPs, or even have identical prefixes.


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