[e2e] Logging active TCP details in FreeBSD 5, 6 and 7

grenville armitage garmitage at swin.edu.au
Thu Sep 6 23:34:16 PDT 2007


On the off chance this is of general interest, I'd like to let
people know of a FreeBSD kernel module we've developed for
logging various TCP state variables in a running kernel
while sessions are active.

Called SIFTR ("sifter"), we built this for our own research into
precisely how a FreeBSD TCP stack behaves when faced with real
and artificial (e.g. dummynet) paths. Figured it might also be
of interest to others.

See http://caia.swin.edu.au/urp/newtcp/tools.html (under SIFTR)
for a readme, changelog and tarball. The authors would love to get
feedback from anyone trying it out. (SIFTR has been developed and
tested mostly under FreeBSD 6.2, but we believe it'll be stable
under 5.x and 7.x too.)


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