[e2e] end of interest

Jon Crowcroft Jon.Crowcroft at cl.cam.ac.uk
Sat Apr 19 09:06:24 PDT 2008

so everyone talks about a bill of rights for spectrum
and I've just seen a  debate (partly triggered by 
the massive impact of the bbc's iplayer)
on a bill of rights for p2p

so maybe a more fundemental (e2e) idea is a bill of rights for packets

what might this clarify? well, one of the 
middlebox key problems is that unlike typical
IP receivers (e.g. routers or hosts), they don't 
obey postel's principle - this is (maybe) reasonable 
if you are being a firewall and trying to normalise things 
to some extend to reduce the load on an IDS or a host firewall
but sometimes, these middlebox people get a bit TOO big for THEIR boots
and impose rules that are arbitrary (viz the historical barrier to
ecn deployment)

what we need is a better security analysis of the middle classes
to say what is reasonable to be suspicious, and what is just plain annoying....

of course it is far too late for this internet where
we now see a class-ridden society 
(shades of python/cleese/barker/corbett sketch for brit-tv-philes: 

I look up to him because he has a  permanent address.
I look down on him because he is dhcpd and natted to death, 
but I look up to him because he has a /16
I look down on him because he is behind a firewall, 
whereas I have a /16 and am completely 0wned

or something)

actually, you know what would be neat would be a new network, where I make v6 sockaet API
calls via RPCs over HTTP to a FQDN , so I can then do what I want, albeit slowly

In missive <2656536D-323E-405A-AD55-B6F6653FCDFF at nokia.com>, Lars Eggert typed:

 >>On 2008-4-19, at 3:40, ext Keith Moore wrote:
 >>> Seems to me like the biggest barrier to deploying new L3/4 end-to- 
 >>> end functionality isn't host stacks, but rather middleboxes that  
 >>> don't know what to do with new IP packet types or protocol extensions.



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