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Jon Crowcroft Jon.Crowcroft at cl.cam.ac.uk
Mon Apr 21 09:10:27 PDT 2008

so that leads to an interesting conclusion which might align
business models with anti-spam and anti-ddos economic

1. charge a sender for the number of reachable recipients
per unit time...doesn't  hurt the average joe q public much,
collects much money of supernodes, big server sites, and

2. retire

In missive <026d01c8a3c8$a64278e0$1a6115ac at dcml.docomolabsusa.com>, "J
ames Kempf" typed:

 >>>the value of the net to users is that it connects them to content. the 
 >>>network providers
 >>>are in the business of taking a fraction of the business that the content 
 >>>providers are in
 >>If you look at any of the research on networks, most researchers agree that 
 >>the value of the network is in connectivity. There's arguments about whether 
 >>the value scales as O( n**2  ) via Metcalfe's Law or something more like 
 >>O( n log(n)  ) which Briscoe, Odlyzko, and Tilly claim.  But nobody claims 
 >>that the value of networks is in the bandwidth.
 >>Last time I looked, network providers weren't charging for connectivity, 
 >>they were charging for bandwidth. Google makes tons of money off of small 
 >>text ads that use almost no bandwidth but cash in from free connectivity. 
 >>Network providers are forced to give away connectivity because the Internet 
 >>architecture provides no way for them to charge for it. Not a particularly 
 >>good business when you are forced to give away what is of value and charge 
 >>for what isn't.
 >>My blog post this week discusses this more and the connection with 
 >>end-to-end (http://cleanslate-internet.blogspot.com).
 >>                     jak 



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