[e2e] pointers to pitfalls of using FTP to test network performance?

rahim khan khan_rahim at rediffmail.com
Tue Mar 4 23:01:45 PST 2008

dear sir i need distributed power conrol in CDMA cellular system
i m new student i dont know about the simulator please write mail for some code related to power control in cdma cellular system

On Fri, 29 Feb 2008 Amy Wang wrote :
>Thank you guys for the reply!
>  Yes, I am asking about concrete data in supporting the claimed pitfalls in trying to use application performance to measure network performance.
>  For example, how much variability introduced into FTP performance due to disk I/O access, and therefore it is not suitable to use FTP to measure network performance (link capacity).
>  I have seen a lot of statements like that for ttcp or iperf related website but I haven't seen concrete data.
>  thanks,
>  Amy
>Joe Touch <touch at ISI.EDU> wrote: Amy,
>Amy Wang wrote:
> > I am trying to collect a list of issues using FTP or windows file
> > transfer to measure network performance in local area network setting. I
> > would appreciate if anyone can guide me to the proper papers and
> > internet links,
>If you're trying to measure packet performance, you might try a packet
>generation tool, like netperf or iperf:
>If you are trying to measure the performance of transferring a file, FTP
>is a reasonable choice. Testing from a Windows system is useful when
>that's the application you're trying to measure, but you'll probably get
>better results from FTP - even to Windows hosts.
>However, I think you're asking more about the pitfalls in trying to use
>application performance to measure network performance, which basically
>translates into "how do I make my apps use the network well" - for that
>purpose, Matt Mathis' work at PSC would be useful to consult:
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