[e2e] Layering vs. modularization

L.Wood@surrey.ac.uk L.Wood at surrey.ac.uk
Fri May 16 01:13:21 PDT 2008

David P. Reed wrote on Fri 2008-05-16 2:24:

>     if you change/extend the behavior of a layer, you must reimplement
> and re-prove all layers above that layer.  Thus, the deeper the stack, 
> the less benefit of modularity.

No, just the layer above it - develop a new link layer, describe how
to run IP over it, you're done as far as IP-based apps are concerned.

This is an example of the classic computer science 'you can do
anything with a single level of indirection'.


if layering is a hallucination, so is "computer science".

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