[e2e] a means to an end

Jon Crowcroft Jon.Crowcroft at cl.cam.ac.uk
Tue Nov 4 07:57:57 PST 2008

so a lot of IANG (Internet Arch Ng)
work is on addressing - 

and a lot of nice work
has come out on how to do secured
id+loc split 
in terms of requirements and technologies 
on the address space...

there's all the usual reasons for doin this split 
(seamless mobility, with transport doin its thing on the id
part only; multicast; multihome; multipath; etc)

but, BUT this is sidestepping the big problem
which is to have a service which hosts the 
id<->loc mapping, which actually 
scales to the size of the expected workload...

such a service has to suport at least the scale
of the cellular nets service which tracks 4billion phones
so that calls are routed to the right place (across multiple providers)
and calls roam in real time - so 
scale and update rate for such a service is something that
doesn't look like DNS or BGP ....

such a system faces both the user and the routing system
which is an unusual system too in terms of 
security requirements & snakeholder analysis

one thing that occurs to me is that such a system
needs to have a very wide operating range
and so is almost certainyl data driven - indeed, perhaps
it is the first and foremost data driven application
that we should be building as an internet service substrate

if you want to be reductionist, it looks like a fully distributed 
NAT management control plane

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