[e2e] a means to an end

Lloyd Wood L.Wood at surrey.ac.uk
Fri Nov 7 15:33:43 PST 2008

On 6 Nov 2008, at 21:18, Fred Baker wrote:

> It's kind of hard to get a message to a destination, fixed or  
> mobile, without giving the network an idea of where it is to go.  
> That's kind of the point of the locator.
> That said, the point of the endpoint ID is to identify the  
> application on the system, the transport connection endpoint,  
> independent of its location. If the application moves from one  
> system to another, the transport connection needs to be able to  
> follow it.

can anyone explain how that clear explanation of the endpoint ID  
matches with the definition of endpoint ID given in RFC5050, section  



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