[e2e] a means to an end

David P. Reed dpreed at reed.com
Fri Nov 7 17:34:32 PST 2008

Fred Baker wrote:
> I'm not at all sure what you're talking about. AFAIK, IP addresses are 
> not assigned to people.
They are assigned to devices carried by people, and it is well known how 
to correlate observations of humans with observations of their radio 
emissions.  (one can track bluetooth UIDs associated with phones quite 
easily, even when not in "discoverable" mode - and QinetiQ recently 
bought a company whose only skill is doing just that task efficiently 
and cheaply. Tracking the WiFi addresses of iPhones Androids, etc. are 
even more trivial).  Should tracking become a "network layer" function?

I don't honestly know, but one should question whether aggressive 
tracking is essential to communications, I think.  It's not just 
philosophy of no consequence.

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