[e2e] a means to an end

Scott Brim swb at employees.org
Mon Nov 10 11:31:49 PST 2008

Excerpts from Jon Crowcroft at 14:10:42 +0000 on Sun  9 Nov 2008:
> locators can refer to fixed points of network attachment 
> (like phone landline numbers refer to sockets on the wall)
> to objects (in content) where they look a bit like anycast
> to groups of recipients (where they are group locs and need
> recursively (and distributedly) remapping to actual locs
> and to current locations of a mobile
> node where we need/can have a more efficient way to 
> remap when the node moves for the other node(s) 
> currently in session with this one,
> than we do for new nodes trying to find it...

I would think it's always easier for nodes with a session up to find
each other than for nodes starting cold.  I know who I'm talking to,
and I can notify them when I move, with a rendezvous mechanism for
backup if we lose track of each other.  Authentication is certainly
easier if there is pre-existing state, no?  

> (actually, i am not sure if this is true for both ends moving
> unless you buy into router state which has to scale
> order number of current mobile sessions, 
> which doesn't look tracatable to me, or to 
> hierarchical location thingies, which might be ok
> but ....)

There we are again :-).  Let me know when you get here in December.

> anyhow the API for host and router is still the same - the point is
> what sort of service do you want? (there's some nice work by
> colleagues here in this context ages back - viz
> http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/~pes20/nomadicpict.html

Will read.


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