[e2e] Packet reordering in Internet

Bartek Belter bart at man.poznan.pl
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Hi Manish,

Some time ago we did some experiments in the pan-European education network. The results of experiments were summarized in a paper. 
It is available here: http://tnc2005.terena.org/core/getfile.php?file_id=626 (Shall we worry about Packet Reordering?).
Hope it helps.

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I was wondering if there are measurement studies of Internet traffic quantifying the magnitude of packet reordering within a TCP flow. Is reordering a common problem for TCP in the current Internet? How about the load balancing features in the routers from major vendors : is it per flow basis or per packet basis, and if flow based load balancing is done, then how is the flow classification is done these routers?
What could be/are other sources of reordering withing a TCP flow?


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