[e2e] Packet reordering in Internet

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Hi Matthias,

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>> Is reordering a problem for datacenters?
> No, for TCP -> includes packet "sorting".

I know that TCP is sorting incoming packets, I should have specified
my question better :) What I was wondering is if packets are more
likely to be reordered in data centers than in the regular Internet,
due to the specific architecture of data centers.

For instance, I've seen papers that argue that packet reordering is
more prevalent in high-speed environments, e.g. [1], and data centers
would likely belong to this type of environment.

[1] "Packet reordering in high-speed networks and its impact on
high-speed TCP variants". Feng, Jie and Ouyang, Zhipeng and Xu, Lisong
and Ramamurthy, Byrav. In Computer Communications 32(1), pp. 62-68,
January 2009.

> No, for any application using UDP that is aware of the problem (and most are)
> It is basically the problem of the network layer and it has to be solved on the network layer.
> If it would be an issue, the Internet would not have been successful.
> Regards
> Matthias
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Regards, Per

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