[e2e] TCP improved closing strategies?

Joe Touch touch at ISI.EDU
Mon Aug 24 17:45:01 PDT 2009

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William Allen Simpson wrote:
> We already know that most stub resolvers don't bother with TTL or cache:
>   25.4% Identical Query
>   44.9% Repeated Query
>    2.15% Legitimate Query
> http://dns.measurement-factory.com/writings/wessels-pam2003-paper.pdf
> There were average (not peak) 644+ thousand queries per MSL banging away
> at 65 thousand ports, and those are old numbers.

Per source IP address. Or is there some evidence that you're seeing lots
of short connections from a handful of IP addresses?

> IIRC, peak was roughly
> 8,000 per second (920+ thousand per MSL).  That's for one root server,
> *with* *existing* round robin rotation among 13 root servers.
> As we switch to TCP, that's not scaling well.

What isn't scaling? e.g.:

	- TCP's handshake and state est. costs too much time/memory
	- TCP has higher per-packet CPU cost
	- old connection state hangs around too long (TIME-WAIT)

Some of the suggestions here will fix the third one, but few have
anything to do with the first two.

> Anyway, this is supposed to be the end to end group.  Why are many folks
> trying the "Somebody Else's Problem" approach?

I'd like to understand the problem before we jump in and try to fix it
at least, though... ;-)

So, basically, what is the problem, and is there some evidence that
confirms it? Is this a CPU issue, a state of existing connections issue,
a state of old connections issue, etc?

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