[e2e] packet pair code

Arnaud Legout arnaud.legout at sophia.inria.fr
Tue Feb 10 00:25:27 PST 2009


Richard Wade wrote:
> From memory, there is some code available for the NS2 simulator which 
> implements Keshav's algorithms in a basic form. I don't know 
> whether  this is part of the current NS2 distribution, but it's easy 
> enough to search through the distribution. Let me know if you have 
> problems finding it.

I did a basic implementation of PP that is still maintained in the NS2 
main code.
You fill find it if you look for PLM (Packet-pair Layered Multicast 
congestion control).

I don't remember is someone else has a PP code still maintained in NS2, 
and I am not
sure what I did is relevant to you. What I did is very simple: I send 
packets by pair (modifying a CBR
source) and at the receiver I simply compute the inter-packet arrival 
time to compute the available bandwidth
(here I am using a FQ queue). No magic here, and you will not see 
anything new compared to what was
described in the Keshav Ph.D. thesis.


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