[e2e] Data flow models for real-time applications

Christoph Mayer mayer at tm.uka.de
Wed Feb 18 00:20:48 PST 2009


>> reading. Now, that would have the characteristics of a DDOS attack
>> (when there is a jiggle near CalTech, a *lot* of homes might be
>> affected), so they had jolly well better have enough bandwidth in
>> place.
> Either that, or make the sensors a tiny bit smarter. I am sure there are lots of publish papers on how to make distributed systems like these more efficient, e.g. have a varying fraction of the sensors activated at some time, with the fraction varying based on activity level...

if anyone is aware of papers that go into this direction I would be very 
interested! I currently start looking into what network traffic will 
look like in the "Internet of Things". Imagining sensors, tags, etc. 
everywhere in our environment and all of them communicating ... this 
will maybe change the traffic characteristics in Core/Edge networks 
dramatically. I am happy on any ideas into this direction.

Best Regards,
Christoph Mayer

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