[e2e] Changing dynamics

Fred Baker fred at cisco.com
Sat Feb 21 10:01:25 PST 2009

On Feb 21, 2009, at 7:43 AM, Pekka Nikander wrote:

> Instead of trying to optimise some queues in an end-to-end fashion  
> and fighting of whether the optimal queue size is 1 or 4, perhaps we  
> should aim to keep the fibers bitted up all the time, and all of the  
> memories filled with usable data?  Isn't lit but idle fiber or  
> powered but unfilled storage essentially waste?

Two answers. One is in RFC 970. The other is that they *do* run bitted  
up all the time and nobody is saying they shouldn't. I'm suggesting  
that one could simultaneously do that *and* run other applications  
without forcing other things out of one's way.

One might, for example, take a look at the BitTorrent vs ISP issue.  
Stanislaus has decided that he would rather have his application run  
than have it shut down when ISPs want to deliver services to all of  
their customers, not just the ones running BitTorrent. He is figuring  
out how to accomplish his goals of moving data quickly - not too hard  
- without trashing everything in his path.

I'm suggesting that we as a community take that approach as well.

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