[e2e] Some thoughts on WLAN etc., was: Re: RES: Why Buffering?

Lachlan Andrew lachlan.andrew at gmail.com
Sat Jul 4 11:31:22 PDT 2009

2009/7/5 Detlef Bosau <detlef.bosau at web.de>:
> Hence, some of my questions are:
> - What is a wireless "channel"? What is a wireless "connection"?
> I once was asked about the behaviour of some protocol in the presence of
> "short time disconnections". What is a "short time disconnection"? Or, the
> other way round, what is a connection all about in a wireless network?

There are many concepts of "connection" at different layers of the
protocol stack which runs on top of a wireless physical layer, and
many protocols/layers are not connection oriented.  However, some are.

In the e2e context, a "disconnection" of a lower layer roughly means
"a period of time over which all packets are lost, which extends for
more than a few average RTTs plus a few hundred milliseconds".  That
is what it means in a phrase like "transport protocols need to handle
short time disconnections".

> From an end to end point of view, I would like to abandon terms like
> "channel" and "connection" in a wireless environment.

We shouldn't throw the baby out with the bathwater.  The concept of "a
period in which most packets are delivered within a (vague) short
period of time" is useful.  If we don't call it a "connection", we'd
come up with another word for it.

Rather than pointing out weaknesses in current terminology, it may be
better to propose a concept which better models (dis)connectivity, and
then do a useful design/calculation which is possible using the new
concept but was impossible with the old concepts.  Without that
validation, the new concept won't replace the old.


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