[e2e] Why Buffering?

Lloyd Wood L.Wood at surrey.ac.uk
Mon Jun 22 04:23:25 PDT 2009

This is why an engineering degree provides better preparation for work  
in protocol design. It's far more likely to cover those topics.

On 21 Jun 2009, at 01:41, David P. Reed wrote:
> I continue to be shocked, and dismayed, at the number of practicing  
> protocol designers who have never learned (or even *studied* without  
> learning) basic queueing theory.  In my opinion, one cannot be  
> qualified to speak about protocol engineering without working  
> knowledge of queueing theory, control theory, and information  
> theory.  Yet most CS depts. fail their students by completely  
> ignoring these disciplines in favor of teaching network protocols as  
> a course in bit-field layouts.
> One can actually get a Ph.D. in Computer Networking without ever  
> studying or using these important mathematical tools.

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