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Internet Measurement Conference (IMC) 2009
Sponsored by ACM SIGCOMM and in cooperation with USENIX
November 4 - 6, 2009
Chicago, Illinois, USA


The Ninth Internet Measurement Conference is a two and a half day
event focusing on Internet measurement and analysis, building on the
success of past IMCs. We invite submissions of papers that contribute
to our understanding of how to collect or analyze Internet
measurements, or give insight into Internet structure and
behavior. Examples of relevant topics are:

- Internet traffic analysis
- Internet structure and topology characteristics
- Internet performance measurements
- Measurement-based network management such as traffic engineering
- Inter-domain and intra-domain routing
- Network applications such as multimedia streaming, gaming and on-line social networks
- Measurements of content distribution, peer-to-peer, overlay, and social networks
- Data-centric issues, including anonymization, querying, and storage
- Measurement-based inference of network properties
- Design of monitoring systems, sampling methods, signal processing methods
- Network anomaly detection
- Network security threats and countermeasures
- Software tools and environments in support of measurement
- Measurement-based assessment of simulation/testbeds
- Measurement-based workload generation
- Measurement-based modeling
- Reappraisal of previous measurement findings
- Internet-oriented wireless, and mobility measurement

Papers that do not in some fashion relate to measuring Internet
properties are out of scope. Authors can contact the Program Chairs at
imc09tpchairs at comp.lancs.ac.uk for clarification if they are unsure
whether their paper is in scope.

Ethical standards for measurement must be considered by all IMC
authors. In particular, authors must be aware of and conform to
acceptable use policies for individual domains that are probed or
monitored, data privacy and anonymity for all personally identifiable
information, and etiquette for using shared measurement data (see
Allman and Paxson, IMC '07). If applicable, authors are also urged to
notify parties of security flaws in their products or services in
advance of publication. Adherence to ethical standards for measurement
will be a criteria for all submissions and violations will be grounds
for rejection.

Important dates
May 4, 2009: 10PM EDT: Registration of title and 250-word abstract
May 11, 2009: 10PM EDT HARD submission deadline
July 17, 2009: Notification
August 22, 2009: Camera Ready Copy due

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