[e2e] Switched Ethernet is Not an End-to-End System; was Protocols breaking the end-to-end argument

rick jones perfgeek at mac.com
Sun Nov 1 13:57:17 PST 2009

On Nov 1, 2009, at 1:26 PM, Richard Bennett wrote:
> Regarding Jon's comment on the rebirth of CSMA at the edge, there is  
> some ironic truth to it, but Wi-Fi's not the same style as CSMA/CD  
> because with 802.11n we have a selectively acknowledged windowing  
> protocol, much more efficient than TCP where you have to discard  
> everything after a dropped packet and do it again.

My history with TCP stacks does not go back "to the  
beginning" (whatever that might actually be), and I did not start in  
the "PC" space so perhaps my life was charmed, but going back to 1988  
I'd not encountered any TCP where that was the case.

rick jones
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