[e2e] Protocols breaking the end-to-end argument

Craig Partridge craig at aland.bbn.com
Mon Oct 26 07:10:33 PDT 2009

> If folks at BBN were still talking about X.25, they were way behind the
> curve, or were badly infected with severe standard-committee-itis.

The latter.

Recall that part of BBN's networking team was paid by NIST to represent
the US at ISO/CCITT meetings.  So BBN was simultaneously pushing ahead
on TCP/IP work AND working with ISO/CCITT on ISO standards.

Add to this that it was official US policy at the time that they'd
transition from TCP/IP to the OSI standards, and so there was much
effort inside BBN to try to get the OSI standards to a good enough
state to be transitioned to, and there was pushback from other
countries represented at ISO, and you have the internal debates.



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