[e2e] load balancing

Jon Crowcroft Jon.Crowcroft at cl.cam.ac.uk
Mon Sep 7 01:38:06 PDT 2009

the boldest attempt at this (I think) that was sane was

but it is 10 years ago, and i dont think people have done much with
it since (but it was cute!)

the idea of resource pooling is part of the trilogy project and is
now being discussed in the ietf a lot - some background is at

modeling results by kelly et al, and key/massoulie et al
show that this is more robust since relatively small numbers of
pseudo-random choices of disjoint or partially link disjoint paths
can get most of the gain of a pure optimisation approach...

In missive <BLU129-W278A28CA4FB7AC1FC3466AC7EB0 at phx.gbl>, Xai Xi typed:

 >>Hello e2e veterans=2C
 >>Do you recall any early attempts to combine traffic load balancing and rout=
 >>ing in the same distributed process? Were there any deployments?
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 >>Hello e2e veterans=2C<br><br>Do you recall any early attempts to combine tr=
 >>affic load balancing and routing in the same distributed process? Were ther=
 >>e any deployments?<br><br>Thanks=2C<br>Xai.<br><br><br /><hr />What can you=
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