[e2e] ECN deployment

Vimal j.vimal at gmail.com
Fri Aug 20 14:19:24 PDT 2010

Hi Anoop,

On 20 August 2010 13:35, Anoop Ghanwani <anoop at brocade.com> wrote:
> I was hoping to also get responses from people with
> experience running data centers or high-performance
> computing environments.
> I guess most people in such environments, just
> like service providers, overdesign the network so
> that loss seldom happens.  Thus there is no tangible
> benefit of going through the hassle with enabling
> ECN in all of the devices.

While over provisioning networks or having deep buffered switches
might help reduce packet losses, it does not help deal with queuing
delays.  In fact, in this year's SIGCOMM, there's a paper that talks
about how a particular ECN marking scheme can be used to maintain
small queue occupancies in switch buffers.  Here's a link to the paper
if you're interested:


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