[e2e] TimeStamp / RTTM - testing for RFC1323 compliance

Scheffenegger, Richard rs at netapp.com
Sun Nov 28 12:43:07 PST 2010


I was wondering if anyone has a test tool to verify the correct
implementation of RFC1323 RTTM (and Van Jacobson's  RTO calculation with
sRTT + 4 * varRTT), especially during loss recovery...

TBIT only verifies if Timestamp option is negotiated and properly
reflected back if sent during a session, but not if the sender correctly
uses the timestamps in RTO calculation...

And other tools which would be capable of generating arbitrary options
and verifying the *packet* contents, are typically stateless and don't
look at timing information by themselves (ie. scapy).


Richard Scheffenegger

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