[e2e] References for TCP congestion algorithms

Douglas Leith Doug.Leith at nuim.ie
Thu Sep 2 08:55:34 PDT 2010

Here are a few links to recent papers by the group here at the  
hamilton institute:

http://www.hamilton.ie/net/ton_eval.pdf  (hs-tcp, scalable, bic, htcp,  
http://www.hamilton.ie/net/pfldnet2007_cubic_final.pdf (cubic)
http://www.hamilton.ie/net/delay_tests_final.pdf (compound, illinois)

also some by the folks at Swinburne:


and by NIST:



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> Are there any good references online (or research papers) that compare
> and contrast current (or recent implementations) of congestion
> algorithms in Linux/freebsd such as TCP Vegas, Reno, bic, cubic etc.
> Also what works best for long haul high latency networks would be
> helpful.
> -- Vinayak

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