[e2e] NDDI & OpenFlow

Zartash Afzal Uzmi zartash at lums.edu.pk
Thu Apr 28 12:27:48 PDT 2011


> :-)  I think there's a misconception here.  OpenFlow exposes a vendor
> agnostic API to control network elements by an end host.  It doesn't
> mean that every end host gets to choose what it wants.
> Also, I am a bit curious about the wordings in the OpenFlow paper,
> which starts as: "... a way for researchers to run experimental
> protocols in the networks they use everyday..."

I believe this wording is more applicable towards enterprise networks. As I
understand, Open Flow suggests using a Flow table -- a table using which
forwarding can be done based on "flows" -- instead of the FIB. The flow
table will include (i) entries for the "production traffic" (in the same way
as a FIB would do) or, (ii) entries for the "research traffic". While
replacing FIB with a more complex flow table appears okay in enterprise
networks, I still have to convince myself that it will be a feasible idea to
replace FIB with a more complex flow table in the service provider core
where FIB performance requirements are more stringent. Anyone more familiar
with Open Flow can throw some light?


> It seems like OpenFlow would allow testing experimental *routing*
> protocols, or anything that only depends on control path.  For any new
> protocol that requires datapath support, OpenFlow (at the moment)
> cannot support it.  Examples of such protocols: XCP, RCP, etc.
> --
> Vimal

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