[e2e] TCP Performance with Traffic Policing

Hagen Paul Pfeifer hagen at jauu.net
Thu Aug 18 12:06:24 PDT 2011

* Detlef Bosau | 2011-08-18 20:44:53 [+0200]:

>>Detlef, I don't understand your critics about Quick ACK. Quick ACK as used in
>I absolutely don't have any problem with Quick ACK.
>My problem is basically, that there are at least as many TCP as OS.

I can't speak for other operating systems (with a exception of FreeBSD where I
follow the development loosely), but for Linux I can provide guarantee that all TCP
related development is judged. A standard-compliant implementation is ultimate
ambition (not to harm any other TCP instance).

Variety IS good as long as the default is the best possible default. There are
several timer knobs, CC algorithms, queues, memory knobs and so on - you are
absolutely right. They are provided to tune the stack to meet your
requirements, to fit into divergent environments.  If you know your
environment and you want to tune something, fine, Linux provides a way.

Other OS do the same! Since several months FreeBSD also provides a way to
select the CC algorithm on the fly.

We are embedded in a complicated (network) world, there is more then just one

Cheers, Hagen

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