[e2e] TCP Timeouts and TripleDupACK

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Fri Jul 22 10:03:07 PDT 2011


We all agree that recovery of lost data packet through RTO mechanism is
relatively much slower and triple ACK scheme can do the job faster. 
However, there are scenarios in which triple ACKs may not get triggered at
all. This can happen if packet loss occurs when  IW is small, and hence
there are not adequate data packets in flight to trigger triple ACKs.

Example:  connection is in the beginning of slow start either because it
is a new connection or because it is restarting after a long idle period.

So, it would be difficult to completely do away with timeouts.


> Hi.
> Are there some papers out there comparing how often TCP congestion is
> detected by timeout and how often it is detected by triple duplicate ack?
> I'm basically interested, whether timeouts could be overcome completely
> or whether there will be a permanent need for a working timeout scheme
> in TCP.
> Thanks.
> Detlef
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