[e2e] TCP sequence number reset

Kacheong Poon ka-cheong.poon at oracle.com
Wed Mar 30 00:39:54 PDT 2011

On 03/30/11 02:52 PM, Dave Hart wrote:

> I sympathize with your concern there are not enough eyes in the WG.
> It's a bit of an endemic problem on with IETF WGs.  Perhaps your
> energy would be better spent addressing that problem directly.
> Alternatively, consider bringing the issue up outside the WG without
> the broken analogy.  While I am not familiar with SCTP (aside from
> what I've learned in this thread), I think you have failed to make
> your best case.  I have no idea why re-using stream to send multiple
> files is ill-advised or why you "cannot consider that a supporting
> reason."  It seems like a supporting reason on its face to me, but
> perhaps there's a downside you've failed to illuminate.

I'm sorry that I was not clear.  There is nothing wrong to re-use
an SCTP stream to send multiple files.  The problem is that there
is no reason why this needs a transport layer mechanism.  For
example, HTTP can send multiple files using the same TCP connection
without restarting/resetting at the TCP level.  There is no reason
why an app requires an SCTP stream to be reset (which needs careful
coordination between both sides) just to send multiple files using
the same SCTP stream (which can be treated as a TCP connection).


					K. Poon.
					ka-cheong.poon at oracle.com

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