[e2e] TCP over IP over ATM

Timothy J. Salo salo at saloits.com
Fri Oct 5 09:12:25 PDT 2012

> Years ago, there have been some papers about TCP ....... ABR. IIRC,
> there have been some adverse interactions between ABR and TCP congestion
> control. Is this correct? Does somebody happen to have some pointers?

As someone has noted, Raj Jain and his students published several
articles on this and related topics.  Dig through his home page.

As I recall, many of these papers were published as ATM Forum
contributions.  The ATM Forum went away, but it appears that
the documents are available online:


There are a couple of challenges with ATM forum contributions.
The first is that they aren't readily available.  Most of the
contributions were available only to members.  And, it appears
that Broadband Forum membership is required to access them today.
You might ask the Broadband Forum whether they will let you
access them at low or no cost -- I can't imagine that the
documents are worth much today except to researchers.  The other
difficulty with the ATM Forum documents is that there are a lot
of them.

You should have a copy of "Dynamics of TCP Traffic over ATM Networks"
by Romanow and Floyd.  I think this paper focused on fragmentation,
but you might did around to see what else they did on this topic
(although I don't think it was much).

And, of course, Google.  Try [tcp atm abr] and [tcp atm congestion] for


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