[e2e] Discrete IP

bmanning@vacation.karoshi.com bmanning at vacation.karoshi.com
Sat Sep 15 07:49:30 PDT 2012

> Your mistake here is the illusion that you can take this decision for
> others.
> For example me, I want to use IPv9 in my country and for this I am ready to
> pay the following processing cost for each packet:
> IPv4 packet comes in.
> I remove the header.
> I replace it with a IPv9 header.
> I route the packet.
> (and vice versa)
> Details are in the paper (presented in the original post). This is just an
> example of what I want to do... Who can say no and why?

	You are certainly free to do as you have outlined.  Just not be surprised

	a) things don't work as planned, since its not just the header that is involved
	b) your definition of IPv9 (or pick something else - say IPv6) is unlike the 
	   agreed on standard - via the IETF, which has perview of the IP specs.
	c) you pass and enforce legal constraints to force all communications that crosses
	   your countries political borders to cross through your address translators only 
	   to find yourselves isolated from the rest of the world.

	Please proceed with your implementation plans and report back on your success.
	the thousands of others who have been down this path before -MIGHT- have missed
	something that is crystal clear to you and you alone.


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