[e2e] Free Internet & IPv6

Jon Crowcroft Jon.Crowcroft at cl.cam.ac.uk
Wed Sep 19 02:43:22 PDT 2012

poor people pay with their time to get money and 
rich people pay with their money to get time...

poor people may tolerate adverts 
and their eyeball time so as they don't have to
spend money subscribing to go faster DSL 
while rich people will subscribe to ad free services...

very few people use ToR really or install ad blocking s/w on their
smart phones yet - you're right though, if we did blanket adverts
more people would

the real problem wth my proposal is that the layer violation
represents a privacy invasion, that crosses two domains which have
different legal and regulatory controls w.r.t privacy - the IP
layer guys want to keep whatever they believe to be common carrier
status - so looking in packets is bad news - attempts by ISPs to
do this for comercial gain has been defeated legally (c.f. cases
in the UK with phorm)

however, RE-ECN is end-to-end, so the point here is that
congestion exposure (ISPs revealing where one users traffic is
incurring cost to other users) is revealed to both ends- this is
where advertising already happens (see our upcoming IMC paper on
mobile advertising ecosystem)  - having the poorer user accept
adverts in exchange for free network (e.g. on congested 3G/4G
links) would be perfectly feasible  without the 
cross layer 
cross lawyer
messup alluded to above

people avoiding it via ToR or IP AdBlock
would just get packet drop, the way people who ignore ECN get
so their mileage will vary, downwoods (downwards) only

the game theory of this is all played out in bob briscoe's fine
phd thesis if you want a good read...
In missive <5059918E.2050204 at unfix.org>, Jeroen Massar typed:

 >>On 2012-09-19 10:20 , Jon Crowcroft wrote:
 >>> I see a bright new decongested future, full of IP banner ads
 >>I see a bright future without such a network and likely for the folks
 >>who even would want to use something like that a bright future with the
 >>"Thank you for installer Adblock Plus IP header edition"
 >>Ads live of eyeballs and more importantly the tracking of what you are
 >>doing and the reselling of that (aggregated) information. When the ad
 >>networks can't get any detail out of it, because folks use Tor, TLS or
 >>Adblockers over the link, there is nothing for them to gain and thus
 >>they will fortunately not participate into things like that.
 >>Maybe one could try putting some of the grant money used for these kind
 >>of proposals in operating such a network instead?! ;)
 >> Jeroen



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