[e2e] 72 hours

John Wroclawski jtw at isi.edu
Wed Sep 19 09:19:27 PDT 2012

On Sep 19, 2012, at 8:33 AM, Dave Crocker <dhc2 at dcrocker.net> wrote:
> On 9/19/2012 7:04 AM, Jon Crowcroft wrote:
>> on the other hand, the self-orgsanition of people during disasters
>> will serve very well to build an opportunistic wireless net for
>> the 3 days before more resources arrive.
> I've been spending time in my local Red Cross chapter for awhile.
> FWIW, while 72 hours is the official number, folks teaching the Red Cross classes almost invariably advise doing preparation for 5-7 days. Given a liter of water per person per day, that's an example of a very large difference in planning and provisioning.

Another resource for folks interested in this area at a fairly pragmatic level is http://faculty.nps.edu/dl/HFN/

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