[e2e] Port numbers in the network layer?

Jon Crowcroft Jon.Crowcroft at cl.cam.ac.uk
Tue Apr 23 23:06:11 PDT 2013

well, if you have the 5-tuple that became the de facto flow id, all in
the ip layer, than transport layer security (e.g. tcpcrypt) would mean
ipsec was completely obsolete rather than just fairly pointless
which might be a good thing

otoh, what would the ports _mean_ in multicast ip?
(actually, what do they really signify in multicast anyhow?)

In missive <20130423200531.4DDD718C0E8 at mercury.lcs.mit.edu>, Noel Chiappa typed

 >>    > From: Bob Braden <braden at ISI.EDU>
 >>    > Has anyone ever thought through how the architecture would have been
 >>    > changed had ports ended up in the internetwork layer
 >>There were certainly people who did this (XNS - and, IIRC, PUP too).
 >>I think there are decent (i.e. not earthshaking) arguments both ways, and I
 >>also honestly don't think it really makes that much difference which way one
 >>	Noel



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