[e2e] Dataset on network characteristics of video streaming traffic made available

Ashwin Rao ashwin.shirvanthe at gmail.com
Thu Jan 31 10:13:21 PST 2013


We just made publicly available to the community the datasets we used
for our paper

Network Characteristics of Video Streaming Traffic. Ashwin Rao,
Yeon-sup Lim, Chadi Barakat, Arnaud Legout, Don Towsley, and Walid
Dabbous. In Proc. of ACM CoNEXT'11, Dec. 6--9, 2011, Tokyo, Japan.

This dataset contains detail traffic logs of packets exchanged during
YouTube and Netflix streaming sessions. For each streaming session, we
used tcpdump to capture the packets exchanged between the streaming
server(s) and our client. We then parsed these pcap files to log the
packet timestamp, the tcp sequence number, and packet length of each
packet exchanged between the streaming server(s) and the client. This
dataset contains these logs along with other auxiliary information
that we used to better understand the observed traffic patterns. The
dataset can be downloaded from

All details on this dataset are available in our CoNEXT'11 paper. Feel
free to contact me for any questions regarding this dataset.


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