[e2e] TCP "experiments"

Jon Crowcroft Jon.Crowcroft at cl.cam.ac.uk
Mon Jul 29 23:14:44 PDT 2013

google have extremely good instrumentation - you need to go visit them
unfortunately, you'd have to sign NDAs  but believe me, they know
what they are about a lot more than most academics and a whole lot of
other industry - some of the stuff is quite public too (lots of SPDY
testing is on their blogs and vairous public facing documents)

their shareholders would get upset if they deployed things that broke
the world badly - that's the NSA's job.

In missive <51F6F523.6060107 at isi.edu>, Joe Touch typed:

 >>On 7/29/2013 2:53 PM, Jon Crowcroft wrote:
 >>> In missive <51F6A578.5010000 at isi.edu>, Joe Touch typed:
 >>>   >>My view has been that we need to protect the Internet for *when* there
 >>>   >>is no more Google. I don't trust Google (or any company) to do that.
 >>> why do we trust you?
 >>You shouldn't.
 >>More specifically, "trust but verify".
 >>Un-instrumented changes are not verifiable.



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