[e2e] Why do we need congestion control?

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Wed Mar 6 09:48:23 PST 2013

    > From: Dave Crocker <dhc2 at dcrocker.net>

    > with Leonard Kleinrock as principal investigator. This meant I got to
    > hear him lecture about queuing theory and he is a good enough teacher
    > to make even that topic interesting.

Ah, The Master himself... :-)

    > When things are very good, queuing isn't needed because there is plenty
    > of capacity. When things are very bad, queuing isn't helpful because
    > there isn't enough capacity.

A most succint summary of the situation!

    > If you need a long queue length, you have bigger problems than the
    > length of the queue...

Where's that 'nail on head' icon... :-)


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