[e2e] Congestion control as a hot topic in IETF

Martin Heusse Martin.Heusse at imag.fr
Fri Mar 8 02:59:39 PST 2013

…Or the link uses interleaving: in ADSL, it's generally done over 17ms, so on a 20Mb/s link, that's ~28 packets (1500B long) in flight (one way!)…

Same thing with UMTS (it's less striking with HSDPA's 2ms TTI)(although sometimes the Node B backhaul is DSL…)


Le 8 mars 2013 à 00:22, Jon Crowcroft a écrit :

> you need to haev a REALLY long haul link to get a lot of packets
> in transit (propagation) - these are unusual cases (satellites)

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