[e2e] Is the end to end paradigm appropriate for congestion control?

Martin Heusse Martin.Heusse at imag.fr
Tue Nov 12 04:08:44 PST 2013

This is so true. Along those lines, we need to remember why, back in the days, they decided to increment the TTL of the packets at the moment they were going through a router and not at the physical layer.

Because, you know, the packets are traveling at the speed of light, or very close. So as soon as they are on the line, time pretty much stops for them, according to the laws of relativity. And the speed of light has never been higher than today.


Le 12 nov. 2013 à 08:19, Jon Crowcroft <Jon.Crowcroft at cl.cam.ac.uk> a écrit :

> but its not a common case...  most of the "pipe" is not made of packets
> "in flight" but more accurately, just in buffers...

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