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Detlef Bosau detlef.bosau at web.de
Wed Nov 27 14:06:59 PST 2013

Am 27.11.2013 20:28, schrieb sthaug at nethelp.no:
> Commercial. Private/residential customers get the normal Best Effort
> Internet service. No QoS there.

That's what I expected :-)

German Telecom has made a QoS attempt. (Which has given them the
nickname "Throttlecom" :-))

IMHO the Telecom model (flatrate with a certain download limit per
month, if the limit is exceeded the DSL speed is slowed down a bit)
is perfectly reasonable.

The end user protests brought the issue to the European Union in
Brussels - so, the customers will stay best effort forever.
(IIRC, you live in Norway and Norway is not in the EU? I think you
should continue doing so, this will spare you lots of grief and grey

(My regards to JC :-) From your point of view, the Throttlecom problem
was an european problem - not to say: a problem somewhere overseas ;-))

The hard problem is that private customers rarely have an understanding
of business models.

Another issue is that QoS is often achieved at layer 2, hence most of
the work is done at the ATM, cell relay, frame relay, MLPS .... level,
is there really that much work done at the IP layer or higher?


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